Dave Gibbs, director of the 2003 DCI World Champion Blue Devils, is tuning in to the Drum Corps International broadcast on PBS when it is aired in his California viewing region. "I've always been a proponent of the broadcast. I think this kind of an approach (the new program format) is going to give people a taste of what it like to participate, and it's going to give people a good taste of why these kids are special. It will convey the power and the passion of the drum corps activity. It's great for the kids and for the activity," Gibbs said. Gibbs has seen it every year, "probably since 1975," the corps director said. Gibbs has been with the Corps through all 29 years of Drum Corps International membership and has won Drum Corps International titles as a marcher, a staff member and director. Jeff Fiedler, director of the Cavaliers, also sees the importance of the DCI broadcast on PBS. "Whenever I ask the members of the Cavaliers where they saw the corps the first time, many of them say on PBS. Some have seen a videotape in their band room, some saw the broadcast, some saw the tape of the broadcast. Most did NOT see the corps live the first time (in fact, some guys have been in the corps for years, yet had never seen the corps live - other than to be IN IT!). "The DCI broadcast on PBS is important to the activity because it exposes us to a potentially large (our largest!) audience of viewers who are exposed to art and culture, but perhaps maybe not the drum and bugle corps activity. "It gives people who are unaware an idea of who we are, in performance, as well as behind the scenes."