Drum Corps World wants to know and has just launched a survey to gather feedback on their publication and the overall state of the junior and senior corps activities. Between now and November 30, 2001 you can participate in the 2001 Drum Corps World Fan and Reader Survey by visiting their website at www.drumcorpsworld.com. While a considerable amounnt of the information gathered relates directly to Drum Corps World readership issues, many of the questions will provide information related to the drum corps activity as a whole. This data provides DCI with a profile of the existing drum corps fan base and offers insight into their current attitudes and opinions. As a thank you for taking the time to fill out the online or printed survey you'll also be entered into a drawing to win a 2001 DCI Championship DVD set. Other cool prizes include Drum Corps World subscriptions and DCI CD's, videos and merchandise, Whether you subscribe to Drum Corps World or not, we encourage you to visit the Drum Corps World site and complete their survey at www.drumcorpsworld.com. Your input will allow DCI to more effectively market and position our events for long time fans as well as potential fans which in the long run makes for a better experience for performers and fans.To go directly to the survey click here.