Drum corps volunteers are not the types who only devote an hour or two to the corps. They are the ones who take their vacations to travel with the corps, sleep on gym floors, and set up temporary kitchens and sewing rooms. Many serve as parents, mentors, spiritual guides, cheerleaders and friends to the corps members throughout the summer. And what do they get in return? Friendship, fun and the "feeling" that accompanies their volunteer experience. Each year since 1988, the Friends of DCI have saluted the volunteers by presenting Volunteer of the Year awards. At the Drum Corps International World Championships Finals Competition, the Friends of DCI will once again honor those who have volunteered in the drum corps activity for many years. Pauline Sosnowich

Pauline Sosnowich, a super DCI volunteer. Photo of D.J. Johnson forthcoming.
Pauline is the secretary and treasurer of the Targets. She takes charge in organizing and promoting numerous corps fund-raisers including the Christmas Craft Fair, Non-alcoholic Super Bowl Raffle, Turkey Raffle and Biddy Basketball Concessions.^ She also coordinates the Teddy Bear Collection for the Baystate Medical Center Pediatric Trauma Unit. Her administrative volunteer work with the Targets includes managing the checkbook, preparing taxes, parade contracts, and DCI paperwork, working with insurance companies, organizing and updating the roster, medical forms, handbooks and schedules for members. She also submits publicity to local newspapers and television stations. "Her brain is a memory bank. Anything you need to know, she has knowledge of it," said Ronald Mongeon, executive director of the Targets. Dorothy Jeanne (D.J.) Johnson D.J. brings 38 years of experience in Broadway tailoring, hemming, and designing and a ton of pep, spunk and energy to the drum corps community. "She is always up and at the next task before everyone else and works until she drops!" Greg Struve, director of the Blue Stars, said. "D.J. has been and likely will remain one of the biggest assets to the corps' volunteer base." She got her start sewing in 1966 with the Kiewanee Black Knights when her son asked if he could join. Since then she has not missed a single summer of touring and generally she has been on tour full time. She has headed up sewing programs at the Black Knights, Nite Express, the Madison Scouts and the Blue Stars. She summed up her motivation by saying "When I wake up every morning, I pray that God will give me just another year of corps." Special thanks Special thanks to all of the volunteers who make the corps programs successful year 'round! Congratulations to those that were nominated for the Volunteer of the Year award: Tim Farrell, Phantom Regiment; Susan Blenski and Friedel Cramer, Pioneer; Becky Nelson, Phantom Regiment; Bill and Pat Croissant, the Cadets; Linda Chopelas, East Coast Jazz; Marilyn Rittersdorf, Dimensions; Howard Weinstein, Boston Crusaders; Ray and Mary McCrary, Carolina Crown; Helen Turner, the Cavaliers; Dennis and Kathy Fangman, Colts and Colt Cadets; Henry Barney, Madison Scouts; Victor and Thelma Fung, Blue Knights; Melissa Greer, Boston Crusaders; Mary Burchi, Jester; Paul LaFlamme Sr and Bill Seeley, Blue Devils; Denise McKenzie, Citations.