From a Madison Drum & Bugle Corps Association, Inc. press release: At their post-DCI meeting on Aug. 21, the Madison Drum & Bugle Corps Association, Inc. board of directors voted to not extend the contract of Sylvester Salas, who has served in a dual role as executive director of the organization and director of the Madison Scouts since 2003. Salas is an alum of the Scouts and also served on the instruction staff for several seasons after his ageout year. After leaving Madison, he worked with Spirit of Atlanta and Glassmen, as well as his own winter guard, State Street Review, in Madison. The guard is the holder of the longest winning streak in WGI history. Board President Jeff Manion stressed that the Association recognizes and appreciates the contributions Salas has made over the past four seasons, producing field shows, hiring staff and managing a business that represents 135 young men, a vast alumni base over a 68-year time period and scores of volunteers and boosters who are scattered around the United States, Canada and the world. The board will soon announce specific details of its plan for the future of the Madison Drum & Bugle Corps Association, Inc. and the corps. Members, supporters and fans can rest assured that the coming seasons promise great things for the Madison Scouts.