Drum Corps fans! The first show of the season is right around the corner, and the corps have put in another week of hard work. Here's a peek at what's new on the DCI Fan Network, keeping you updated on everything that's going on as the corps make their way to the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis this August!

Blue Devils What's it like to become a member of the Blue Devils? This video depicts the life changing "call" that Devils members receive when they are invited to march as members of the corps. 


Blue Knights Check out two Blue Knights trumpet soloists showing impressive chops in an impromptu performance after rehearsal.

Blue Stars Check in on the Blue Stars as they wrap up their spring training in Indianapolis, Ind. Corps members share their thoughts and feelings about officially "moving in" as well as their excitement to start their '09 tour.


Bluecoats In the latest episode of "Bluecoats Live Minute," meet the corps' bass drummers and listen in on a portion of the Bluecoat's 2009 production, "Imagine." Also, don't miss episode two to see how the color guard is preparing for the start of the DCI Tour.


Boston Crusaders Members of the New Palestine Marching Band recently visited the Boston Crusaders to experience a day in the life of a drum corps where they received instruction from the corps' staff and watched a rehearsal.


Carolina Crown Spend some time with corps members in the latest installment of CrownMINUTE. Find out what they have been working on and how they're coping with the rigorous rehearsal schedule.


Colts The Colts continued their 12-year long tradition of the "Brass n' Brats" performance in Belmont, Wis. As a way to thank the community for their hospitality, the event has grown over the years to include carnival rides, skydivers and performances by the Colt Cadets and the Colts.


Glassmen The Glassmen reveal details about their 2009 program, "The Journey of ONE," in this recent video.

Madison Scouts In the latest episode of "Madisonic," you can get down on the field with corps director Dann Petersen for a speak peak at the corps' 2009 production, "Relampago."


Santa Clara Vanguard Check out this episode of "Behind the Star" for a behind-the-scenes look at Vanguard's food truck and the people who help feed the corps on the road.

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