Often becoming a coveted keepsake and memory of a previous year's drum corps season, many corps organizations will annually produce "tour" DVDs which include performance footage, interviews with corps members, behind-the-scenes features, and more. Below are the 2007 tour DVD editions that some corps currently have available to order. Be sure to check out individual corps Web sites this holiday season. Many will have special sales and promotions to take advantage of as you shop for the drum corps person in your life. View a list of all corps' Web sites.
The Academy's 2007 Tour DVD contains performance footage of the corps' '07 program "The Chase," in addition to other coverage of rehearsals, interviews, and behind-the-scenes events. ArizonaAcademy.org
In one of the longest running series of corps DVDs, Inside the Blue Devils 2007 chronicles the corps' 50th anniversary season and 2007 World Championship title. A special second DVD disc included with this product featuring performances and interviews, includes all seven Web episodes of the corps' "BlueView" video magazine, music videos and 50th anniversary highlights. BlueDevils.org
The Cavaliers' 2007 behind-the-scenes DVD And So It Goes is the next in an annual series of DVD offerings from the corps. The DVD includes the Cavaliers' bronze medal winning World Championship performance, program insight from show designers, members' perspectives on the 2007 season, and more. Cavaliers.org
Bluecoats' "Criminal" DVD, now available for pre-order, gives fans a complete inside look at the corps' '07 cops-and-robbers themed program. Features include performance footage, 5.1 surround recordings, and more, including additional video files that are specifically included to transfer to an iPod. Bluecoats.com
The Cadet's 2007 Tour DVD lets viewers relive the corps' popular 2007 program, "This I Believe." Delivery on this product is expected in late December. YEA.org
Interviews with corps members in addition to rehearsal and performance footage highlight Pacific Crest's 2007 Tour DVD. The corps' World Championship Semifinals performance includes a bonus audio track with commentary from Pacific Crest program coordinator Dale Leaman and visual coordinator Jeff Sterrett. Pacific-Crest.org
Santa Clara Vanguard's 2007 Tour DVD offers a special combo of performance footage from the Vanguard "A" Corps and the Division II Vanguard Cadets. Special to this year's product is a "40 Years of SCV" promotional video highlighting the corps' 40th anniversary in addition to other behind-the-scenes content and even bonus outtakes. SCVanguard.org