And now, the moment you've all been waiting for -- that's right, the DCI calendar, including tentative corps lineups, is now up and online! From Siloam Springs, Ark., to Harrison, Ohio, to Salina, Kan., to Riverside, Calif., we hammered out the schedule and are ready for you to fire up the RV, hybrid, fire truck, tank, whatever you'll drive to a DCI event and take that great American drum corps road trip! Head EAST! EAST! EAST! to witness the Beanpot Invitational in Beverly, Mass., or sweat the humidity of the Midwest and take in the Naperville show in Illinois, or lean West and head out to the Moonlight Classic in Stockton, Calif. Wherever you head, we're confident that the summer of 2005 will be the best one yet! Stay tuned to for other details as they become available.