All 16 participating Open Class corps competed Friday at Semifinals in an exciting matchup filled with upsets and intense performances. Now, just 12 remain as the highest-scoring corps to advance to World Championship Open Class Finals! Will Blue Devils B continue to separate itself from the rest of the competition in first place? Will the Oregon Crusaders reach their highest score and placement since 2004? How will the brand-new Finalist corps fare on the last day of competition? You'll find out all this and more Saturday, Aug. 14 starting at 10 a.m. in Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis. Open Class World Championship Finals Friday, Aug. 14 – Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis All times Eastern Time Zone, approximate and subject to change. Velvet Knights - 10:00 AM Colt Cadets - 10:16 AM Forte - 10:32 AM Genesis - 10:48 AM 7th Regiment - 11:04 AM Legends - 11:20 AM Intermission - 16 minutes Raiders - 11:52 AM Music City - 12:08 PM Revolution - 12:24 PM Spartans - 12:40 PM Oregon Crusaders - 12:56 PM Blue Devils B - 1:12 PM Awards Ceremony - 1:30 PM