Hey drum corps fanatics, the PBS broadcast is airing on a station near you, perhaps this weekend. See where and when it's going to be on. Likewise, if you have comments about the PBS broadcast and don't mind sharing them with us -- keep in mind, we may use your comments in some form or another in the future -- send them to us at dcitv@yahoo.com .And if you agree that Drum Corps International should be on television, then show your support to the local PBS station by pledging your financial support.Finally, here are some reasons why tuning in to the PBS broadcast is important:*The excellence you see onscreen will translate into your own onfield performance.*If you watch it, chances are that someone else is watching it with you. The more people that view it and become familiar with the activity, the better. So bring a friend!*What else is on television at the same time? Golden Girls reruns? The Nanny? Come on!* It proves to television executives that there is a huge drum corps audience out there. If the number of people viewing the Drum Corps International broadcast is huge, then advertising sponsors and network executives will take note. *You'll realize that the Cavaliers' "Fight Club" program sequence is a lot more entertaining than the film of the same name.*In an era when "Friends" rules and "Everybody Loves Raymond," it's refreshing to see a distinct art form professionally carried out on national television.*PBS has been broadcasting the Drum Corps International program since the mid-1970s. How many relationships last that long?*You can get a drum corps fix before the 2002 DVDs are released. *The broadcast gives you the opportunity to "Live the experience" or "Relive the experience," whichever one applies.*You can conduct your favorite corps from the safety of your own living room.*Talk about reality television: hundreds of kids, trapped on buses and high school gymnasium floors for an entire summer, pushed to their physical, emotional and mental limits. No one gets voted off -- but everyone wins!*The excellence and stories you see onscreen will move you like no other television program.*Want to march, but can't explain it to your parents? Tell them you want to watch PBS with them. After you revive them from fainting, they will experience what you already know. The drum corps experience would be GREAT for you!