From a Capital Regiment press release:

Jeff Sacktig (drill designer), Jay Bocook (brass arranger), Wayne Dillon (program coordinator), Bob Thomas (visual caption head) and Chad Pence (brass caption head) have signed on to Capital Regiment's 2004 staff. Returning to the Capital Regiment staff will be Kevin Murphy (percussion caption head/arranger) and Kate Tice (pit percussion designer).

"My goal this season is to take Capital Regiment to the next level," said director Rick Bays. "Having staff with this caliber of professionalism, experience and talent is exactl the foundation        that our organization is hoping to build upon. This season promises to be challenging, entertaining and appealing to judges, members and the audience. I have to say, I'm really looking forward to the 2004 season."

Program coordinator Wayne Dillon shared Bays' enthusiasm for the upcoming year. "Although I couldn't have been happier with our progress in the past year, I have to say I am very optimistic about the upcoming season," said Dillon . "The 2003 members and staff set a high level of achievement for this program. I am very optimistic that the         staff of 2004 can take the numerous achievements of the past year and make this show a tribute to the organization as well as an accolade for its talented and hard-working members."

Capital Regiment is beginning its second year of competition in Division I in the 2004 season. They begin the program this year with the first scheduled camp on the weekend before Thanksgiving (November 22 - 23, 2003).