View a recap of San Antonio evening scores.
Just a reminder: When reading about the recaps, please be aware that General Effect (GE) Visual and GE Music are the only two captions that are not divided in half prior to their addition to the final score. This was the first competition weekend that used an 11-person judging panel, with the addition of an additional judge on both Visual Effect and Music Effect. Read about this new 11 judge system. Four corps (Blue Knights, Blue Stars, Glassmen and Crossmen) advanced into the evening (finals) from the afternoon (prelims) show earlier in the day. The other eight corps were seeded into the finals based upon earlier scores at last weekend's Orlando and Denver events. Blue Devils (1st, 92.375) opened up a 1.4 spread over the Cavaliers based on winning every caption except Music Ensemble (4th place, 0.50 down to the Cavaliers) and Percussion (3rd place, 0.4 down to Phantom Regiment). Just over half of the corps' spread over the Cavaliers was due to a 0.75 advantage in Visual Effect, with another 0.55 coming in overall Visual, (the combination of Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble and Color Guard). The Cavaliers (2nd, 90.975) won Music Ensemble and placed 2nd in Music Effect, Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble and Percussion. A 3rd place finish in both Color Guard and Brass wasn't as significant as that 0.75 deficit to Blue Devils in Visual Effect, in which the corps finished 4th. Carolina Crown (3rd, 90.025) finished above Phantom Regiment for the first time. The corps took 2nd in Visual Effect, Color Guard and Music Ensemble and 3rd in Visual Performance and Visual Ensemble. Despite placing 4th in Music Effect and Brass, and tying for 5th in Percussion with the Cadets, the corps finished with a 0.25 spread over the Regiment and finished less than a point under the Cavaliers. Phantom Regiment (4th, 89.775) won the Percussion caption, 0.3 over the Cavaliers and 0.4 over Blue Devils. In the Brass caption they placed 2nd, 0.3 under Blue Devils and they ended in 3rd in both the Music Effect and Music Ensemble captions. The corps' Visual Performance and Visual Ensemble scores placed them in 4th and their Visual Effect and Color Guard scores put them in 5th. The Cadets (5th, 88.725) placed 3rd in Visual Effect, above the Cavaliers and Phantom Regiment, but below Carolina Crown and Blue Devils. The corps finished 1.05 behind Phantom and 2.075 above Bluecoats. The Color Guard score placed 4th and all remaining captions placed 5th (Music Effect, Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble, Brass, Music Ensemble and Percussion, the latter caption tying with Carolina Crown). Bluecoats (6th, 86.650) placed above Santa Clara Vanguard by 0.225 mostly due to a 0.325 advantage in Percussion. (If looking at the recaps, remember to divide the 0.65 spread in half before adding it to the overall Music score.) The high point for the corps was 4th in Percussion. The corps placed 6th in all other music-related captions, (Music Effect, Brass and Music Ensemble), and 7th in all visual-related captions, (Visual Effect, Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble and Color Guard). Santa Clara Vanguard (7th, 86.425) was 6th in all visual-related captions (Visual Effect, Visual Performance, Visual Ensemble and Color Guard) and 7th in all music-related captions (Music Effect, Brass, Music Ensemble and Percussion). Blue Knights (8th, 82.700) will be heading to the Pearl Presents the Masters of the Summer Music Games event this coming Friday in Murfreesboro, Tenn. on the basis of the corps' 0.250 spread over the Boston Crusaders, despite a .6 deficit to Boston in overall Effect. The corps placed 8th in Visual Performance, Music Ensemble and Percussion and 9th in all other captions (Visual Effect, Music Effect, Visual Ensemble, Color Guard and Brass). Boston Crusaders (9th, 82.450) was 8th in Visual Effect and Music Effect, 9th in Music Ensemble and Percussion and 10th in all other captions (Music Effect, Visual Performance, Brass and Music Ensemble). Blue Stars (10th, 80.675) took 8th in Color Guard, 9th in Visual Performance, 10th in Music Effect, Brass and Music Ensemble, and 11th in Visual Effect, Visual Ensemble and Percussion. Glassmen (11th, 79.950) took 9th in Visual Performance, 10th in Visual Effect, Visual Ensemble and Percussion and 11th in Music Effect, Color Guard, Brass and Music Ensemble. Crossmen (12th, 77.275) placed 12th in every caption.