Katrina Suhre, Tim Lawson,
Buddy Ames and Caroline Schaaf
After Southwind's performance in Lisle, Ill. on Sunday June 24, DCI.org's Christina Mavroudis talked with members of the organization about the loss of two corps members over the winter, and how the lives of those two individuals, Caitlin Brideau and Ronald Lewis, will always be remembered. Color guard members Katrina Suhre, 21, and Caroline Schaaf, 21, describe how the loss of former color guard member Caitlin Brideau, 17, in November, has affected and inspired them in a positive way. "She was one of those girls that would ... go for it and give it her all," Schaaf said. Fourth-year brass staff member, Buddy Ames; baritone player, Chris Hoover, 19; and tuba player, Tim Lawson, 18, discuss how the loss of Ronald Lewis, 19, in January, has made them realize how much of a positive influence he has been on their lives and the lives of others. "He was very big in music. He inspired me a lot to do a lot with [it]," Hoover said. Listen to the audio interview. (MP3, 2.8MB) For more information about Brideau and Lewis, visit the Southwind Web site: In memory of Caitlin Brideau. In memory of Ronald Lewis.