November marks the unofficial start to the 2007 season as many corps start to host their annual auditions. has asked directors and staff members for their tips to help you on your way to becoming a member of the world's most elite and exclusive marching music ensembles. Practice hard, and good luck!

Crossmen; Aug. 5, 2006; Allentown, Pa.
Auditions are a chance to show what you already know. Be at the top of your game as you know it. Rehearse in front of windows or video yourself. Get friends to watch you. Anything you can do to present yourself in top form is worth your while. Have friends give you practice combinations that might put you in a situation to take you out of your comfort zone. At an audition, you'll be introduced to new techniques and most likely a new style. - Scott Chandler, Blue Devils program coordinator/choreographer. Check out a list of audition dates for the corps you want to join.