Tom Montgomery sent in this one. "I'm a weekly newspaper editor in the "thumb" of Michigan and I've been a drum corps and Cavaliers fan for some time. Last year I explored the idea of partial sponsorship and have since found it to be the greatest way for an old man like me to really experience a tour through the eyes of a Cavalier (or two). Sponsorship is also just about the most rewarding thing I've ever done. "This photo was taken last summer after the Port Huron, Mich., show by my daughter, Christie (another corps fan). It was our first chance to meet our "adopted" Cavaliers, Doug Steinmetz (left) and Mike Hodges. The guys were gracious and visited with us. We later hooked up briefly with Mike at the RCA Dome. "We have since stayed in contact via e-mail and an occasional phone call, and have become friends. "This year we are partially sponsoring both guys again along with another member of the Cavaliers bass line, and we can't wait to see the guys in action at least a couple times, including a full week in Denver! "Anyone interested in hearing more about our sponsorship experience is welcome to write me." Thanks Tom!
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