November marks the unofficial start to the 2007 season as many corps start to host their annual auditions. has asked directors and staff members for their tips to help you on your way to becoming a member of the world's most elite and exclusive marching music ensembles. Practice hard, and good luck!

World Championships ageout ceremony; Madison, Wis.; Aug. 11, 2006
Imagine that you don't make your corps choice 'A.' It might be discouraging, sure. But, it's not the end of you, and it won't even keep you off of the field this year if you really want to march. There is a corps for you out there even if corps 'A' just isn't the one right now. And more importantly, everything that was true and worthwhile about you before your audition still is afterward. Your friends are still your friends, and the things that make you special are still there while you've even learned something new about yourself that will make you stronger both in music and in life. - Walt Omiecinski, Pacific Crest marching coordinator. Check out a list of audition dates for the corps you want to join.