“Field Pass” host Dan Potter brought fans close to the action in and around stadiums across the country in 2017, with a variety of in-depth podcasts that included interviews with corps members, directors, show designers, and more.


Mics and mixers, amps and speakers, oh my

August 4, 2017: It's one of the biggest lightning rods for criticism of drum corps in the last 10 years. It's the elephant on the front sidelines that few people discuss in-depth unless they're complaining about what they don't like: Amplification. In today's Field Pass podcast, Dan Potter takes a look at how the Blue Devils are making the most of electronics and amplification in 2017, including one audio effect that brings a piece of the corps' past into the future.

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'17 Cavaliers are from Mars

June 30, 2017: The Cavaliers' 2017 production "Men Are From Mars" blends serious contemplation of the state of the male gender with a lot of testosterone-tinged, self-deprecating humor. It also blends the Cavaliers' past with its future. Dan Potter talks about this year's show with the corps' director of programs Joe Roach, horn sergeant Hunter Dorman and artistic director Danny Wiles in this episode of the Field Pass.

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A tale of two drum corps staffs

May 10, 2017: Another sign that summer is just around the corner: The Field Pass is back. In this first pre-season episode of 2017, DCI's Dan Potter talks to brass instructor Gino Cipriani and DCI Hall of Fame visual designer Michael Gaines, two men at the center of some of the most-talked-about staff changes of the drum corps off-season.

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Vanguard pushing boundaries with golden anniversary production

July 14, 2017: Formed in 1967, Santa Clara Vanguard is celebrating its golden anniversary this summer, and the corps is definitely in pursuit of gold on the road to Indy, topping last year's champs the Bluecoats for the first time in three years at DCI Minnesota. But, success rarely comes without controversy. Dan Potter looks at the debates Vanguard's show, "Ouroboros" is sparking in its 50th year, as well as how the corps is answering its critics, in today's Field Pass.

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Season preview with DCI's Michael Cesario

June 16, 2017: A new drum corps journey is about to begin! The 2017 Drum Corps International Tour steps off just days from now, and Dan Potter is back with his yearly preseason preview chat with DCI Artistic Director Michael Cesario, who says he's never been as excited as he is this year about the shows the corps are getting ready to field.

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