David Gronneberg is a second-year snare player with Madison Scouts and is a native and resident of Missouri. I think it's great that there's finally a bigger show in Missouri (Columbia, last Saturday), because all my friends have wanted to see many of the top Division I corps and now they don't have to drive so far. The crowd was great and it seems a lot of people came. I hope the show will stay here.

David Gronneberg
I'm a music ed major at Southwest Missouri State, soon to have a name change to Missouri State University. I don't know where to start about how drum corps has helped me. You go into drum corps thinking you know a lot, and then as soon as spring training hits, you realize you don't know a thing. Musically speaking, you learn about phrasing and pushing your own technique. Most of drum corps is about pushing oneself harder than you thought you could be pushed. Playing and marching is great, but doing it with my brothers is why I keep doing it. When you're marching, you don't hear all the gossip, but there's been a lot on talk about us having a female member as part of the show. We all think of her as our sister. All the controversy washes away when you march with her. We would do anything to help her out, just like we would do anything for one of our brothers. This season has been a blast because every single person is on the same boat. We're all here for the same reasons. We're all on the same page. It's amazing to work with 134 others shooting for one goal and constantly pushing each other. If there's ever a time someone is feeling down, everyone else will pick them up and then we're all on the same track again.