With tickets to more than 35 events on the 2018 DCI Tour schedule currently on sale through the DCI Box Office and Ticketmaster and many more to come in the weeks and months following the New Year, there are a number of great ways you can make a trip to a DCI event this summer part of what you’ll be putting underneath the Christmas tree!


Pack it



Buy a 2017 DCI World Championships CD, DVD or Blu-ray set and slip a special note with the date and location of the event you’ll be buying tickets to inside the package.


Transfer it



If a trip to the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis is your gift of choice, tickets are available through Ticketmaster with two easy options for gifting. 1. Buy tickets to the DCI World Championship Prelims, Semifinals or Finals, then click the “Transfer” button in “My Account” and enter their email. 2. Consider a Ticketmaster gift card which can be emailed in many different denominations. Coming to Indy from out of town? In addition to tickets, be sure to book a hotel room.


Bake it



If baking is your thing, consider making a cake or Christmas cookies, and use green frosting with white yard lines as the base layer before adding the date of the show they'll be attending.


Hide it



Get creative and put together a multi-clue scavenger hunt that will ultimately lead your special someones to an item that lets them know DCI tickets are in their future.


Print it



Download and print this PDF, fill in the details, and wrap it up with a nice big bow, or incorporate it as part of any of the ideas presented above!

View all events on the 2018 DCI Tour schedule.