2017 marked a year of notable events and competitive excitement unlike any before during Drum Corps International’s 45th anniversary season. Encapsulating the summer that was, the following headlines stand out as some of the most read, liked, commented on, shared, and retweeted across DCI’s social media channels.


Madison the last men standing in Semifinals race for top 12

August 11, 2017: Fighting for every point during an ultra-competitive season, the Madison Scouts will find themselves back in the DCI World Championship Finals this season.

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Diamond anniversary yields gold for undefeated Blue Devils

August 12, 2017: For the 18th time in Drum Corps International's 45-year history, the Blue Devils are back atop the drum corps universe.

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Vanguard Cadets piece together gold medal-winning comeback

August 8, 2017: The Vanguard Cadets capped off a season in which they erased a near three-point deficit with an Open Class gold medal.

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Vanguard crosses a jagged line in Minneapolis

July 9, 2017: Santa Clara Vanguard pulled off a stunner Saturday night in Minneapolis, edging the Bluecoats by an ultra-thin margin of a tenth of a point.

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9 proposals on the table for 2018 DCI Rules Congress

December 13, 2017: Nine proposed changes to Drum Corps International's rulebook will be up for discussion in January during the annual DCI winter business meetings.

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Phantom Regiment withdraws from Mesa Performance

July 3, 2017: Rockford, Illinois corps will pull out of Monday night's Drums Across the Desert DCI Tour event in Mesa, Arizona.

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Music City approved for World Class competition

October 4, 2017: After nine seasons as an Open Class corps, Music City will take the field for the first time in 2018 as a World Class unit.

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