"Field Pass" host Dan Potter brought fans close to the action in and around stadiums across the country in 2018, with a variety of in-depth podcasts that included interviews with corps members, directors, show designers, and more.


Two of 2018's dynamic soloists

July 20, 2018: Two of the reasons why 2018 has quickly become one of the most memorable drum corps seasons ever are Megan Hutera and Olivia Hayter. Megan is the flugelhorn soloist for the Madison Scouts and is the traditionally all-male corps' first, full-fledged, female member. Olivia is the remarkable vocal soloist belting out tunes by Joni Mitchell and Billie Holiday in Bluecoats' production "Session 44." Dan Potter introduces us to both in this edition of DCI's Field Pass podcast.

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Culture shift sharpens focus on participant safety

May 8, 2018: The #MeToo movement has affected businesses and organizations of all sorts around the world, and Drum Corps International is no exception. In today's Field Pass podcast, Dan Potter talks with DCI board member Kathy Black on the efforts of the Women of DCI committee and Carolina Crown drum major Elayna Youngson on her recently-published essay addressing #MeToo in drum corps as a microcosm of society. Potter is also joined by DCI executive director and CEO Dan Acheson who talks about a major reset in the wake of recent events and what is developing into a positive culture shift for all activities and programs within the DCI community.

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Digging into the design of "Babylon"

August 3, 2018: Santa Clara Vanguard is currently enjoying its most successful season in almost two decades. The California corps looks to have a competitive edge heading into the final week of the season and could be on track to claim its first World Championship title since 1999. Some of the credit for the corps' return to the top of DCI's World Class goes to second-year artistic director Michael Gaines. In this week's Field Pass podcast, Dan Potter goes in-depth with Gaines about the design and performance of Vanguard's 2018 production "Babylon."

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2018 DCI season preview

June 20, 2018: The start of the 2018 Drum Corps International Tour is upon us! In the latest episode of DCI's Field Pass podcast, Dan Potter sits down with first-year DCI artistic director Lee Carlson for an in-depth look at some of the new and innovative ideas corps will be bringing to the field this summer.

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Finals night one month later

September 12, 2018: Just over a month since the DCI World Championship Finals wrapped up in Indianapolis, Dan Potter takes a look and listen back through 2018’s Top 12 with DCI.org columnist Michael Boo.

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