Where Can We Get News About DCI and the Corps?

Drum Corps International has several information resources available to all followers and fans of drum corps. One is DCI's official website, DCI.org, where you can get news and updates about DCI corps year-round. DCI.org is also the place to review event schedules, scores and recaps from competitions, purchase tickets and buy DCI and corps-branded merchandise.

A great way to have information about events and the corps delivered directly to your e-mail inbox is by subscribing to DCI's free e-newsletters. Drum Corps International's weekly DCI.now, and its Box Office and Merchandise Alerts keep you informed on the latest news, information, events coming to your area and special offers. Join these mailing lists and more on the DCI.org homepage.

DCI's flagship print publication Drum Corps International Magazine is the official magazine of Marching Music's Major League™. Each issue of DCI Magazine includes feature-length articles, educational offerings, full color images of the participating corps, as well as schedules for upcoming events and ticket information. Published twice a year, you can purchase a subscription to DCI Magazine from the DCI online marketplace.

For detailed information about a specific corps, can locate links to each Drum Corps International unit's website and social media accounts via DCI.org.

How Can I Find Out About Competitions and Events?

The best place to learn about shows and events is online at DCI.org. Click on the "Schedule" tab to see a calendar of events, with the corps lineups, show locations, dates, times and ticketing information as it's available.

How Do We Get Tickets to Events?

You can purchase tickets for many events online directly from Drum Corps International. The best way to determine which events DCI is ticketing is by clicking the "Tickets" tab from from the DCI.org homepage. For events not ticketed by DCI, check the "Schedule" tab for ticketing and other event information. You can also purchase tickets to events for which DCI provides ticketing services by calling 317.275.1212.

Tickets for the DCI World Championships are available in several ways. First, each of DCI's corps has an allotment of tickets it makes available to its fans and families. If you are a supporter or are affiliated with a corps, check with them about Championship ticket availability. Alternatively, you can purchase Championship tickets directly from Drum Corps International, either singularly through Ticketmaster or as part of a Championship ticket package if available.

Fans looking for the "best seats in the house" can join the Friends of DCI program.  Members of this program get ticketing priority and (depending on your "Friends" level) other benefits. Learn more about the Friends of DCI program or by calling 317.275.1212.

How Can I Find Out the Results of a Competition?

The best place to get the results from DCI-sanctioned events is online at DCI.org/scores. Results are posted within minutes of the conclusion of each competition including recap sheets for each event which breaks out all of the scoring results in detail.

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