I know that in my last entry, I stated that I would be moving back to New York to live with my sister again. My, how things can change in just one week! After a lot of thinking, I decided that I wanted to go back home -- to sunny South Florida.

Paula Hyman (left) and parter-in-crime Laura Westmoreland.
I was born in Florida and have lived there all my life up until about one year ago, so I guess it's normal for me to miss it. The opportunity for me to come home has arisen, so I figure, "Why not?" I'll be back home at least until the summer. I think I will end up moving back up to New York after tour because I'm sure I won't be able to stay away. I have a lot of family in New York as well as in Florida so it's going to be a tough decision either way. Excluding snow, there are a lot of things I like about the Northeast. A lot of my Cadet friends live up here so I've been spoiled. I'm used to just hopping in my car and driving a fairly short (and sometimes not so short!) distance whenever some of us wanted to hang out. Let's not leave out the whole driving to camps thing. I could get there in about an hour and a half -- talk about convenient! I also saved a whole bunch of money not having to buy a plane ticket or two each month. I also liked the fact that New York City was just a quick car or subway ride away. What an incredible place -- so much to see and do. Aside from all of that, I am very excited to go back home and spend time with all my friends and family down there. Now, let's move on to some top-secret Cadets stuff (disclaimer – none of this information is really "top secret," but that got you excited, didn't it? I'm just kidding -- I have a little bit to tell you, so enjoy!). I am currently listening to a midi file of the new, revised version of "Liquid" (one of the tunes in our show) and all I can do is shake my head and smile from ear to ear. Our arranger, Jay Bocook, is a very gifted man -- he might not even be human, who knows. This tune is an original composition by Jay and, well, once you hear it, you will see why I'm so excited about it. We will be receiving this music at camp (which happens to be this weekend) and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Now I can't reveal too much more, but I will say that this piece is VERY fast, VERY exciting, and there are TONS upon TONS of notes in there. Shriek! I've said too much -- I'd better stop talking about the show. My mom will be flying in from Florida early Sunday morning because she doesn't want me to drive all the way home by myself. What a good mom! But yeah, she's going to try and get to New Jersey for camp, which is something I'm very excited about. My sister will probably be afraid of getting lost on the way to camp, so that would be the only reason why she and mom won't make it down. This would be her first camp in four years, so I hope she can get there. And last but not least, I woke up this morning and I could hardly swallow -- looks like I'm getting strep throat. YES. My favorite. As for the rest of the day, I have a few errands to run along with some practicing and that is about it. Tomorrow some Cadets of the past and present are coming down to NYC before camp, so I might just have to go and hang out with them. I love the North, don't get me wrong, but I am pretty excited to head down where It's still warm and sunny. I'll let you all know how the 20-hour drive goes. Have a great week! Paula Hyman is a fourth-year member of the Cadets where she is the mellophone section leader. She is 20 years old and currently single. Originally from South Florida, Paula recently made the move to Allentown, Pa., to work for YEA!, the umbrella organization of the Cadets, Crossmen and the U.S. Scholastic Band Association. She ages out in 2006.