The 2015 Drum Corps International World Championships hit the streets of downtown Indianapolis on Wednesday, August 5, for the DCI Performers Showcase presented by System Blue.

Kicking off at 10 a.m., more than 500 members from World and Open Class corps met outdoors on Georgia Street and inside the Indianapolis Artsgarden to go head-to-head in a variety of categories including brass, woodwinds, percussion, visual, vocal and ensemble.

"It’s very cool,” DCI judge Andy Cook said. “Of course, drum corps is all brass, but these kids are very talented. I heard some great flute players, soprano saxes, clarinets, oboes, and they were all very, very talented. It shows off all their different musical abilities, not just brass or percussion.”

Troopers vibraphone player Kasey Markel was an individual performer during today's competition. Although he’s not studying music in school, Markel says the showcase gives him the chance to utilize his musical abilities in a unique setting.

"It’s an opportunity to show off as an individual and an opportunity to perform,” Markel said. “Performing solos is not something I get to do often, and it’s the only opportunity I’ll probably have this year.”

Highlights from the day included exhibition performances by international SoundSport and DrumLine Battle teams, a snare duet by two members of the Madison Scouts and the Racine Scouts’ popular dance ensemble, “Ginger Snap.”

Starting her trip to DCI World Championships Week at the Performer’s Showcase, DCI fan Pam Nichols was excited to watch the individual brass and percussion performances at the start of the event.

“They’re all great musicians. It’s great to see so much individual talent,” Nichols said.