From a Blue Knights press release:The driving force behind the Blue Knights' 2003 field presentation will be the visual innovation associated with "Primary Colors." Yellow, blue and red will be woven into a creative tapestry, paralleling the innovative musical program taken largely from selections performed by The Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir on their album entitled "Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares." The composer Peter Liomdev's "Kaval Sviri" (The Flute Plays) is the backbone of the musical content, along with "Izpoved" (Confession) by K. Kyurkdjyiski. "Prologue," originally written for the Blue Knights winter drum line by front ensemble arranger Mike Nevin, culminates with a vivace section, rounding out an intensely dramatic 2003 show concept. "Primary Colors" will present the Blue Knights in classic fashion led by a spectacular visual package, uniquely crafted by visual coordinator Rob Billings. "I believe our fans will find our musical program uplifting and refreshing," says Blue Knights Director Mark Arnold. "There is a very universal feel to the music, underscored by a driving percussion score utilizing percussion instruments from throughout the world. Putting this show together has been an exciting experience for both our members and staff."