Can I take still photos from the stands during a DCI event? Yes, family, friends and fans may take still photos of DCI events for personal use only. The images may not be sold or otherwise distributed on a Web site or in print, without the written permission of Drum Corps International or the corps that was photographed. Please be considerate of the performers as well as the fans seated around you. Small, nonprofessional, single frame "point & shoot" and digital cameras are allowed into the venue. Please be considerate of the performers and the fans seated around you. Professional cameras or cameras with lenses longer than six inches are prohibited, and all forms of video and motion picture cameras and sound recording devices are strictly prohibited. Tripods or other similar equipment that may obstruct the view or path of travel of others in the stands are also not allowed. Can I use my flash? As the lighting in most DCI major event venues now meets TV broadcast specs, the use of on camera flash is ineffective at best, but the choice to use flash is up to the fan. Can I share my DCI photos with family and friends? While we appreciate the desire to give photos away or to post them to a Web site, DCI asks that action photos not be distributed or publicly displayed without the written permission of Drum Corps International or the corps being photographed. Sharing a photograph of a family member or friend singly who is participating is acceptable on family Web sites without permission. What do you mean by publicly displayed? DCI defines public display as a Web site, printed publication or physical location where the public at large can gain access to one or more images of a DCI corps in rehearsal or performance. Can I take video or audio of an event or a corps rehearsing? While we know that fans like to relive the events on videotape or to share them with friends, due to copyright restrictions based on federal law, video and audio recordings even for personal use are not permitted without permission from DCI or the corps that is being recorded. I am a professional or advanced amateur; can I get a pass to photograph a DCI event? DCI media credentials are restricted to recognized local and national print media. If you fall into one of these categories and are on assignment, you may request a single event credential in writing. The request must come from the publication editor and/or publisher. The request should also include a sample of the publication and an explanation of how and when the photos will be used in the publication. Media requests must be submitted in writing on publication letterhead at least 14 days prior to the event. Direct all inquiries to: DCI Media Relations, 470 S. Irmen Dr., Addison, IL 60101. Fax, phone and e-mail inquiries are not currently accepted.