Blue Devils

The Blue Devils are featured in a technical journal article about the production of their BlueSmoke DVD which utilized cutting-edge equipment and the latest technologies from Dolby Laboratories in its creation.

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Blue Knights

The Blue Knights winter percussion ensemble will be in action this weekend at the Winter Guard International (WGI) Percussion Championships in Dayton, Ohio. Active for more than a decade, the ensemble has captured four WGI championship titles in the past.



The Bluecoats have revealed additional program information about their 2008 production "The Knockout." The show will feature musical selections including "On the Waterfront" by Leonard Bernstein, "The Boxer" by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, and excerpts from the "Rocky" soundtracks by Bill Conti and Vince Dicola.

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The Cavaliers

The Cavaliers' brass and percussion sections came together at the beginning of April in Rosemont, Ill., having the opportunity to head outside for sectional rehearsals for the first time since the end of a particularly brutal Chicago winter.



This week the Senior High School band of Dubuque, Iowa premiered a work commissioned by the Colts titled, "Echoes of Morning." The piece by composer Patrick McCarty, honors Colts member Bianca Vocke who tragically passed away this winter after an automobile accident. McCarty writes in the music notes, "This piece strives to capture the wonderful traits of Bianca, while reminding us to cherish life and friendships. It strives to capture the essence of a beautiful morning sunrise and is loosely based on the Colts' corps song."


Madison Scouts

The Madison Scouts credit a strong team of volunteers for keeping their recent April rehearsal camp running smoothly while corps members rehearsed for the 2008 competitive season. Missing some members who are involved with winter color guard and percussion programs, brass section members continued to work through musical selections, visual techniques, and their strength and conditioning programs.


Pacific Crest

Pacific Crest offers a glimpse of a typical rehearsal for the drum corps in a recently posted Web video. The brass and percussion sections showcase selections from their 2008 program recorded at the corps' March rehearsal camp.

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Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment was recently honored at the 17th annual Rockford Area Music Industry Awards. The organization was recognized in the Musical Outreach category, the second year in a row it has received the award.



Pioneer will host its annual spring Shamrock Festival of Music in Milwaukee on Sunday, April 27. In addition to Pioneer, the event will feature drum corps performances from the Racine Scouts, Royal-Airs Alumni Corps, Midwest Legends Senior Concert Corps, and several other musical groups.


Santa Clara Vanguard

Charter member of the Santa Clara Vanguard, Ed Rudnick, sadly lost his battle with cancer earlier in April. A member of the corps' brass section from 1967 to 1969, outside of the drum corps activity, Rudnick was a key player in the growth of one of America's premier producers of electronic instruments, E-MU.