• New show reveals whet appetites for #DCI2023
• Epic prop unveiling videos take center stage
• Heat Wave brings the heat, literally
SoundSport roundup
• And more!

7th Regiment

In honor of Pride Month, 7th Regiment launched a brand-new line of Pride-inspired merchandise.

The Academy

Meet first-year Academy drum majors Eric and Ben. “This summer I really hope to inspire all those fans to join or stay in the marching arts activity and maybe even join a drum corps,” Eric said of one of his goals for the 2023 season.

The Battalion

"Nothing will stop us this season, and beyond," The Battalion posted as part of the corps' reveal of its 2023 competitive production, "In Our Element."

Blue Devils

Commemorating Memorial Day, Blue Devils gathered at the war memorial by their rehearsal stadium at the University of Wyoming and played Taps before a moment of silence.

Blue Knights

An epicly-produced video revealed a monstrous steel structure that the Blue Knights will utilize on football fields across the country for their 2023 production, "Unharnessed."

Blue Stars

The Blue Stars revealed the title and musical influences of their 2023 production, titled "In ABSINTHEia."


Check out these video highlights from the Bluecoats' very first week of spring training rehearsals.

Boston Crusaders

Drum corps fans could already taste the briny sea air as the Boston Crusaders unveiled a much-hyped video that grandiloquently revealed a massive steel structure that will set the stage for the corps' 2023 production, "White Whale."

The Cadets

Recognizing Memorial Day, The Cadets hit the parade route and shared these video highlights from the experience.

Carolina Crown

Carolina Crown shared highlights from the corps' very first full ensemble rehearsal of the summer of 2023.

The Cavaliers

The Cavaliers' percussion section promises "clean beats, all year long."


Especially significant as part of the corps' 60th-anniversary season, the Colts hosted a "history night" for corps members that featured alumni speakers all the way back to the 1960s.

Colt Cadets

The Colt Cadets welcome trumpet, mellophone and tuba players to join the corps for its 2023 season. No audition is necessary to get involved.


Columbians designers go in depth on the corps' 2023 production, "Face Everything And Rise."


The Crossmen recently moved in to Northeastern State University in Oklahoma for the start of their 2023 spring training rehearsals.


"Texas is hot y'all!" Check out Genesis' returning partner in staying cool during rehearsals.


At the Guardians' latest rehearsal camp, the corps put the first movement of their 2023 production, "I Know the End," on the field.

Heat Wave

Chili Lime, Mango Habanero, Louisiana Red and Pumpkin Spice are all flavors in Heat Wave's new line of hot sauces. "With four tantalizing flavors sure to sear off your tastebuds, this is just the stuff you need to spice up your summer!"

Jersey Surf

Buying items off of Jersey Surf's Walmart Registry is a perfect way to support the New Jersey corps and ensure they have everything they need for their 2023 summer tour.

Les Stentors

Les Stentors recently hosted its "Lobsters at Volonté" fundraising dinner event that brought together nearly 2,000 people and four tons of lobster.

Madison Scouts

The Madison Scouts are back to the rehearsal grind. Check out these snapshots from the corps' first day of spring training in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


Mandarins started the summer of 2023 with a summit for their corps member leadership team that included CPR training.

Music City

Mark your calendars for Music City's Friends and Family Night performance, July 1 at Tennessee Tech University.

Pacific Crest

Pacific Crest revealed the title of the corps' 2023 production, "Goddess."

Phantom Regiment

Phantom Regiment posted an inspirational video recapping scenes and themes from the corps' very first week of spring training rehearsals.

River City Rhythm

River City Rhythm revealed the title and repertoire of their 2023 competitive production, "Falling."

Seattle Cascades

Tickets are now available for the "Cascades and Friends" series of events coming the Pacific Northwest region early this July.


Southwind has a running list of open positions for those interest in joining the Alabama corps for its 2023 summer tour.


Spartans gave a shout out to one of their international members from England who will march in the 2023 corps' color guard.

Spirit of Atlanta

Spirit's latest "Fun Fact Friday" queries current corps members on the one musical scale they would choose if it was the only one they could play for the rest of their lives.


Troopers hosting spring training at the home field of the (Tipton) Blue Devils and the Blue Devils hosting spring training in the Troopers' home state of Wyoming — Yep, we may just be in the Twilight Zone.

SoundSport Updates

Arsenal Drum & Bugle Corps – El Paso, TX

Arsenal revealed the title of the corps' 2023 production, "The Ties That Bind."

Calgary Stampede Showband – Calgary, ALB

DCI Hall of Fame member John Meehan has been named the next director of the Calgary Stampede Showband. "To have the opportunity of leading (this) ensemble is a true honor and one I look to embrace and dedicate myself to for years to come," Meehan said.

Conquest Drum & Bugle Corps – Geneseo, IL

Conquest recently dropped a hint at the theme of the corps' 2023 production.

Gems Drum & Bugle Corps – Boise, ID

The Gems have immediate openings for synthesizer and bass guitar players.

IMPACT Drum & Bugle Corps – Orlando, FL

IMPACT is continuing the build-out of the corps' new equipment trailer.

Memphis Blues – Memphis, TN

Memphis Blues treated fans with the opening hit of the corps' 2023 production.

Northern Lights Drum & Bugle Corps – Muskegon, MI

In case you missed it, here's everything Northern Lights has been up to in the month of May.

Zephyrus Drum & Bugle Corps – Tulsa, OK

Brass and color guard spots are open now for those interested in joining Zephyrus for the group's 2023 season.