Drum corps enthusiasts can be classified as some of the biggest fanatics on the face of the Earth, living and breathing anything related to the marching music experience in their everyday lives. Here's just a small sample of recent drum corps topics compiled from fans' Facebook status messages.

Teto K. 3 day work week with a drum corps show in the middle? Sure!

Susan C. Thank you Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps for making July 4 a special event at Audubon High School.

Marc M. ok so our new uniforms came this weekend ...all i can say is its the most covered ive ever benn in a drum corps/ color gaurd show...i felt like an eskimo!!

James C. In Utah =) there's nothing out here, this bus has some "interesting smells" gotta love Drum Corps =D

Kyle C. Happy 4th to all my friends in other drum corps. Hope your parades were as awesome as mine

Sara B. just went out for ice cream:) now time for more drum corps lol watching DCI 2009 REALLY makes me miss BAC

Kahle S. 4th of July in Boston, Massachusetts. Well Wakefield but close enough! I love Drum Corps!

Cristian G. It's times like these that makes me LOVE drum corps more each day!! I love interacting with diff corps!! The two parades in Bristol, RI and Wakefield, MA were fun(: I'll def remember this day!

Gustavo P. What do you get when you have a parade five drum corps and a near by Mc Donalds ?! Lol

Tim C. One, two, three, four, I love drum corps

Andrew W. Parade day! It would be a lot better if we hadnt had to get up at 6...on 5 hours of sleep...but hey! Its drum corps!

Michael S. Yesterday was Tooting and Banging Day (a.k.a. Drum and Bugle Corps competition day) in Bristol. I went: the kids were spectacular as usual, and it only rained a little bit. Today is the Big Parade. I'll get double Bristol points for going to that, too. We'll see how much shade I can find.

Roque C. Drum Corps, once again, the best!!! Good luck to all the groups this season! I'm buying it on dvd for sure!

Debby B. s What i love is my drum corps true friends are like family, even after 20~30 years they are still there for me, thank you

Patrick D. is a super proud band director today, after seeing eight students march in three different drum corps!

Donna P. DCI was amazing- brought back a lot of memories seeing drum corps with my dad at the old Manning Bowl.

Shane M. That person in the crowd that reacts to big drum corps hits and the expressions he makes is what's on my mind haha