Performance order for World Class-centric events through July 19 and Open Class and All-Age events through August 4 has now been set for the 2024 DCI Summer Tour. While the process is primarily based on competitive finish from the 2023 DCI World Championships*, other factors also come into play.

SoundSport teams when appearing as part of a DCI Tour event lineup are slated at the top of the event. Other peforming corps are separated into classes (World Class, Open Class World Championship participants, Open Class non-World Championship participants, All-Age based on separate ‘A’, Open and World Class competitive classifications), then into groups of three (first through third, fourth through sixth, etc.). 

Performance order is then randomized within those groupings as applicable. For example, as 2023’s top three finishers Blue Devils, Bluecoats and Carolina Crown exist in one grouping of three, they will have performance order randomized at any head-to-head events prior to July 20.

Pre-July 19 Performance Order Worksheet

To help illustrate the systems in place for 2024 DCI Tour performance order selection at aforementioned events, consider a sample event featuring the following corps: Blue Devils, Carolina Crown, Mandarins, Troopers, Blue Stars, Blue Knights, Spartans, Gold, The Battalion, Impulse, Blue Devils B, Vessel, Bushwackers, Hurricanes and Columbus Saints.

Corps are first separated into classes. This sample lineup features six World Class corps, three Open Class championship participants, three Open Class non-championship participants, and three All-Age corps.

Within these classes, corps are organized into their respective groups of three, based on 2023 competitive finish. Order would be randomized between Blue Devils (1st in 2023) and Carolina Crown (3rd), as they fall into the same grouping of three amongst 2023’s World Class competitors. Mandarins (6th) would follow next, with Troopers (10th), Blue Stars (11th) and Blue Knights (12th) all randomized, as they fall into the same trio. Next would be a random draw between Spartans (1st in Open Class) and Gold (2nd), followed by The Battalion. A full draw between Blue Devils B, Impulse, and Vessel wraps up the Open Class block. All-Age corps round out the lineup, ordered by their competitive classification as previously noted.

Following these steps, the performance order for this example event may look as follows:

1. Columbus Saints (A)
2. Hurricanes (Open)
3. Bushwackers (World)

4. Impulse
5. Blue Devils B
6. Vessel

7. The Battalion
8. Spartans
9. Gold

10. Blue Knights 
11. Troopers
12. Blue Stars
13. Mandarins
14. Blue Devils
15. Carolina Crown

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Mid- and End-Of-Season Events

Performance order for key DCI Premier Events and other DCI Tour events after July 19, will be figured by the following:

1. | Order for the DCI Southwestern Championship in San Antonio (July 20), will be based on reverse order of placement from July 13 events in Little Rock, Fort Collins and DeKalb, and drawn at random in groups of threes. Corps not appearing in any of those events will be placed in the order based on their last score received.

2. | At all weekday events following July 20 in San Antonio, as well as select weekend events, performance order will be based on reverse order of placement from the DCI Southwestern Championship and drawn at random in groups of three.

3. | Performance order for the DCI Southeastern Championship (July 27 in Atlanta) and NightBEAT (July 28 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) will be based on reverse order of placement from the Southwestern Championship and drawn at random in groupings of three.

4. | DCI Eastern Classic (August 2-3 in Allentown) performance orders will be based on reverse order of placement from the DCI Southeastern Championship (Atlanta) and NightBeat (Winston-Salem). For corps only performing in one of those two events, their individual score will be used. Corps participating in both events will have their two scores averaged. Final order will be drawn at random, in groupings of three.

5. | Open Class DCI World Championship Prelims (August 5 in Marion, Indiana) performance order will be determined by the average of each corps' top-two scores earned at Open Class events between July 19 and August 3.

6. | Order of appearance at the DCI World Championship Prelims (August 8 in Indianapolis) will be based on the reverse order of finish of scores averaged from events in San Antonio, Atlanta, Winston-Salem, and Allentown. Open Class participants will be seeded in the first blocks of performing corps based on reverse order of finish from Open Class Championship events. In the event a corps is not scheduled to appear in a major regional event, their last score received prior to that regional event will be used for averaging purposes.

7. | Order of appearance at the inaugural DCI All-Age World Championship (August 10 in Indianapolis) will be based on the reverse order of each corps' highest score of the season, before being divided by competitive classification.

* Santa Clara Vanguard, who did not compete at the 2024 DCI World Championship, is inserted into the bottom of 2023’s standings.