Fans who attended the 2007 DCI Classic Countdown, Drum Corps International's annual spring cinema event, shared these pictures with
Submitted by the University of New Haven Marching Band
Here is a shot of a few of the University of New Haven Marching Band members that went to see the Drum Corps International's 2007 Classic Countdown. For one of our members it was a very special night because this was the first time he had ever seen a DCI show! Needless to say, he was very pleased. The band is located in West Haven, Conn. This is the third year the band has been in existence. We love DCI! Pictured from left to right: Matt, Annie, Kristina, Bob, Kerianne, Chris and Jordan.

Submitted by David Eddleman
This is a picture of members of the Avon Lake (Ohio) Marching Shoremen and their director, DCI Divisions II and III Coordinator David Eddleman. Some of these students were seeing drum corps for the first time at the Classic Countdown in Elyria, Ohio. Some of them saw their first drum corps show last summer in Massillon, Ohio. In either case, they have become big fans of drum corps. Pictured: Alex Yenni, Brent Reszler, Jess Beasley, Jasen Sokol, Chris Lash, Julia Schaeffer, Sarah Johnson, Courtney Flynn, Tony Bartolotta, Beth Dixon and Dominic Conti.

Submitted by Danielle Williams
My friends and I attended the 2007 DCI Classic Countdown and had an awesome time! The first picture is that of me (Danielle Williams) and my best friend Lindsay Maclean. I am a senior in at Duluth High School in Atlanta, Ga. Lindsay is a sophomore at the same school. Though we've never marched in a drum corps, we both played snare in our high school drum line. I'm preparing for a Carolina crown battery audition this November! Lindsay plans to audition for a corps in a year or so. The other photo is the whole gang that came from our school. Lindsay and I made our shirts especially for the occasion! The show was a blast and we all had an awesome time. You guys did a great job!

Submitted by Hannah Snyder
This is my boyfriend Evan Foltz and me at the DCI Classic Countdown in Ontario (Mansfield), Ohio. We sat next to Kathy Oberlin (mother of Drum Corps International's merchandise manager Ric Oberlin) and had a great time talking about drum corps between shows. Evan left for a Troopers rehearsal camp in Wyoming this weekend and watching awesome corps shows made us both excited about the prospect of marching in a corps this summer. To cap it all off, one of my personal all time favorite shows took top place: 1989 Santa Clara Vanguard, the Phantom of the Opera!

Submitted by George Flores
The first picture is of band directors with Harlingen South High School band members in Harlingen, Texas, enjoying Drum Corps International's 2007 Classic Countdown. The second picture is of me, a Phantom Regiment alum, with a student (Noe Garcia) who is a trumpet player for the 2007 Crossmen.