Southern California Open Class corps Incognito will base the theme of its 2018 production on the story of Peter Pan.

The show titled “Neverland,” however, won’t follow the typical telling of the classic tale.

“We are going to make a few references to the popular story, but we are mainly treating our version of ‘Neverland’ almost like a prequel.” said Incognito director Alex Gray. “Instead of focusing on the classic characters, one of the ideas we’ll explore is Neverland as a heavenly place.”

Gray said that the inspiration for the production came while listening to rock band Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly” on the radio. The piece will serve as the opener of the show which will also draw its repertoire from Ruth B's "Lost Boy” and Zendaya’s version of “Neverland” from the musical “Finding Neverland.”

“We wanted to put a different twist on the music instead of using the usual songs you’d hear from Disney’s ‘Peter Pan’ or ‘Hook,’” Gray said.

While brass and percussion performers will stick to their traditional uniforms, color guard members’ costuming will help them play the part of the story’s Lost Boys.

According to Gray, performers may even have the opportunity to “fly.” “With a little imagination from our audience, I think we can provide some really entertaining moments,” he said.

Incognito will kick off its 2018 summer tour with an exhibition event on June 23 in Moreno Valley, California, before the competitive portion of the corps’ season gets underway on June 29 in Oceanside.

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