Bryan Harmsen sent in this one. "People always say that you meet the most amazing people on tour. Unfortunately, at the end of the summer, you must leave them all behind -- some to whom you've become very attached. Then the age-old question must be asked: Do you try to make it work or just let it go? Well, (from left to right) me, Tysha Aspoor, Lauren Lucero, and Robert Beavers are all in that situation and we chose to try. Robert and I march Cavaliers and our girlfriends, Lauren and Tysha, march Bluecoats. Tysha lives in Texas and I live in Florida, while Lauren lives in Houston and Robert lives in the Dallas area. We were lucky enough to all be in Houston for weekend and decided to celebrate by having a double date (a blue and green date if you will) at Benihana. Many stories and laughs were shared as we all look forward to the 2004 season." Thanks Bryan!
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