Hey drum corps fans! Sit up and take note—Drum Corps International's World Class corps have been busy uploading video clips from the road to the all-new DCI Fan Network, giving fans an unprecedented look inside the 2009 DCI Tour. Here's just a taste of the newest videos fans have been watching ...

Blue Knights

Though the summer is practically upon us, a cold front is moving in over the Rocky Mountains as the Blue Knights get set to present their 2009 production "Shiver."

Blue Stars

In the theme of their 1940s-inspired program "The Factory," the Blue Stars give fans an inside look at their very first day of spring training in Indianapolis.

Boston Crusaders

Boston Crusaders members have moved into their spring training facility in New Hampton, N.H. See what corps members were working on this past weekend in a new video montage of their first day of rehearsal.

Carolina Crown

Carolina Crown's DCI Tour event Night Beat on July 26 looks to be as exciting as ever. A new commercial previews the performing corps, pre-event entertainment and a special VIP reception.


The Colts spent time this past weekend rehearsing at the University of Dubuque's brand new stadium before hitting the parade route and performing in their 47th consecutive Memorial Day parade.


The Mandarins continue to make progress learning their 2009 production "Absolute." The long Memorial Day weekend allowed the corps to hold an extended rehearsal camp in Modesto, Calif.

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