Danny M. submitted this photo and caption.

My friend Nick and I attended DCI Tour event in Fairfield on June 22. Even though it was eventually called off because of the weather, we both still had an awesome time.

During the intermission (which turned into a rain delay), we ducked under the entryway to the elementary school behind the stadium with a few other people. While we were there, the Bluecoats drum line ran by and ducked under the shelter as well.

They were all really awesome people, and they even played one of their cadences for us. Afterward, someone let us into the school building, where we were able to watch the Bluecoats horn line work on cleaning their show (as best as they could) in the cafeteria.

This was my fifth year attending DCI Fairfield, and I can honestly say this was the best experience I've had in my five years of attending.