The DCI Eastern Classic is scored by the same judging panel across two nights, creating the opportunity to combine both night's of scores to see how corps are stacking up competitively less than a week before the DCI World Championships get underway in Indianapolis.

Blue Devils (1st-95.513) won General Effect and all three Visual captions (Proficiency, Analysis, and Color Guard). The corps took 2nd in Brass and Percussion and 3rd in Music Analysis, finishing 3rd in Total Music, 0.20 down to Carolina Crown.

Santa Clara Vanguard (2nd-95.000) was 2nd in General Effect and all three Visual captions. A 3rd-place finish in Total Music was largely due to finishing 4th in Brass, which nullified the benefits of the corps' 1st-place finish in Percussion.

Carolina Crown (3rd-94.463) won Total Music by placing 1st in Brass and Music Analysis, which helped offset the corps' 4th-place finish in Percussion. General Effect was 3rd, as was Total Visual despite a 6th-place finish in Color Guard.

Bluecoats (4th-93.400) was 4th in General Effect and Total Visual. The corps' Visual score was only 0.175 above both Cavaliers and Boston Crusaders. The Total Music score was 5th at only 0.025 under Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers (5th-92.450) placed 3rd in Percussion and 5th in Color Guard and Brass, finishing 6th in General Effect, just 0.05 under Cadets.

Boston Crusaders (6th-91.188) was 7th in General Effect, but 3rd in Color Guard. The corps' big weakness was 8th in Brass, a caption that was below that of the 10th-place Blue Stars.

The Cadets (7th-90.838) placed 5th in General Effect and 9th in Brass, also under the Blue Stars. Total Music was 8th, finishing 0.15 points under Blue Knights.

Blue Knights (8th-88.488) finished with no caption placements significantly above or below the corps' final placement.

Phantom Regiment (9th-87.000) placed 11th in Brass and also Total Visual, the latter despite the Color Guard finishing in 8th. Both the Visual Proficiency and Visual Analysis scores were just a tenth above the 12th-place Madison Scouts.

Blue Stars (10th-86.500) placed ahead of Crossmen (11th-86.150) in General Effect and Total Visual, with Crossmen placing higher in Total Music despite scoring 0.90 lower to Blue Stars in Brass.

In the race for a top-12 finish, Madison Scouts (12th-84.000) bested Mandarins (13th-82.725) in every caption with the spreads in General Effect and all three Visual captions being quite miniscule. While Mandarins took Music Analysis, the Scouts took Percussion by 0.50 and Brass by a whopping 1.20. (Remember that all Visual and Music captions are divided in half before being added to the final score. Still, those two captions alone were worth all but 0.325 of the Scouts' advantage over Mandarins.)

The Academy (14th-82.650) scored only 0.075 under Mandarins, adding another wrinkle to Mandarins' push to place in the top-12. Academy placed over Mandarins in General Effect and all three Music captions, but scored 0.80 under Mandarins in Total Visual.

Colts (15th-81.025) scored 1.625 under Academy and 1.562 over Troopers, placing the corps right in the middle of those two other corps. Colts placed under Troopers only in Brass and tied Academy in Visual Total.

Troopers (16th-79.463) and Spirit of Atlanta (17th-78.063) were quite consistent in placing across the board relative to their total finish.

Oregon Crusaders (18th-77.300), Pacific Crest (19th-76.150), Genesis (20th-74.875), Seattle Cascades (21st-72.225), Jersey Surf (22nd-70.475), and Pioneer (23rd-65.525) rounded out the World Class corps that competed in Allentown.