World Championship Prelims

Here is a very brief look at the scores awarded to the 36 corps competing at the 2013 Drum Corps International World Championship Prelims, Thursday, Aug. 8.

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Blue Devils (1st-97.20) was 1st in Visual Effect, Visual Analysis and Color Guard, 2nd in Visual Proficiency, Brass and Percussion, and 3rd in Music Effect and Music Analysis.

Carolina Crown (2nd-97.05) won Music Effect, Visual Proficiency, Brass and Music Analysis, took 2nd in Visual Effect and Color Guard, 3rd in Visual Analysis and 7th in Percussion, which ended up 1.10 under Cadets' line and 1.0 under that of Blue Devils. (That's worth 0.50 to the spread with BD as only the Effect captions aren't divided in half before being added to the final score.)

The Cadets (3rd-96.10) won Percussion, placed 2nd in Music Effect and Music Analysis, took 3rd in Brass, and finished 4th in Music Effect and all three Visual captions.

Santa Clara Vanguard (4th-95.50) took 2nd in Visual Analysis, 4th in Music Effect, Brass and Music Analysis, and 3rd in the other four captions.

Bluecoats (5th-92.90) was 4th in Percussion and 5th or 6th in all other captions.

Phantom Regiment (6th-92.35) was 9th in Percussion and 5th or 6th in all other captions.

Madison Scouts (7th Tie-89.90) finished 6th in Percussion, 12th in Color Guard, and 7th through 9th in all else.

Cavaliers (7th Tie-89.90) took 5th in Percussion, 7th in Visual Analysis, 10th in Color Guard, and 5th in the other five captions.

Blue Knights (9th-88.05) was 7th in Color Guard, 11th in Brass and Music Analysis, 12th in Percussion and 9th or 10th in everything else.

Boston Crusaders (10th-87.95 with a 1.0 penalty) was 7th in Visual Effect, 8th in Color Guard and Percussion, and 9th or 10th in all else.

Spirit of Atlanta (11th-86.75) was 9th in Color Guard, 10th in Brass and Music Analysis and 11th in the remaining five captions.

Blue Stars (12th-85.50) finished 10th in Percussion, 11th in Color Guard, 14th in Music Effect and 12th in the other five captions.

Crossmen (13th-83.75) was 12th in Visual Effect, 15th in Visual Analysis and Percussion and 13th or 14th in the rest of the captions.

Troopers (14th-83.60) finished 12th in both Effect captions and 13th through 15th in the remaining captions.

Pacific Crest (15th-81.45) took 13th in Percussion, 15th in both Effect captions and 16th or 17th in all else.

Colts (16th-81.40) was 13th in Visual Analysis,14th in Visual Proficiency and Color Guard, and 15th through 18th in all other captions.

Mandarins (17th-79.25) was 16th in Visual Analysis, Brass and Percussion, 20th in Music Effect and Color Guard and 17th or 18th in the remaining three captions.

Oregon Crusaders (18th-78.45) captured 15th in Music Analysis, 21st in Music Effect and Visual Analysis, and 17th through 20th in the rest of the captions.

Vanguard Cadets (19th-78.20) placed 16th in Music Effect, 18th in Color Guard, and 19th through 21st in all else.

Blue Devils B (20th-77.75) took 21st in Color Guard and 18th through 20th in the remaining captions.

The Academy (21st-77.50) was 18th in Brass, 22nd in Color Guard and 19th or 21st in everything else.

Jersey Surf (22nd-74.55) was 22nd through 24th in all captions.

Genesis (23rd-73.75) was 26th in Percussion and 22nd through 25th in the remaining captions.

Spartans (24th-72.80) took 19th in Color Guard, 27th in Music Effect, Brass and Percussion, and 23rd or 24th in all else.

Music City (25th-71.55) was 24th in Percussion, 27th in Visual Analysis and 25th or 26th in the remaining captions.

The following corps will not be advancing to the Semifinals on Friday.

Gold (26th-69.95) placed 23rd in Color Guard, 31st in Percussion and between 24th and 29th in everything else.

Cascades (27th-69.85) was 23rd in Percussion, 32nd in Color Guard, and 25th through 28th in all other captions.

Pioneer (28th-69.05) was 25th in Percussion, 26th in Visual Effect and 27th through 30th in the rest of the captions.

Legends (29th-68.40) received 23rd in Music Effect, 26th in Brass and 28th to 30th in everything else.

7th Regiment (30th-67.00) was 24th in Brass and 29th through 31st in the other captions.

Raiders (31st-64.90) placed 28th in Color Guard and 30th through 32nd in all other captions.

Colt Cadets (32nd-63.10) was 30th to 33rd in all captions.

Taipei Yuefu (33rd-60.90) finished 32nd to 34th in all captions.

Les Stentors (34th-58.25) was 33rd in Color Guard and 34th in all other captions.

Racine Scouts (35th-55.60) finished 35th in all captions.

Blue Saints (36th-52.00) placed 36th in all captions.

View a complete recap of scores from this event.