Jersey Surf color guard captain Stephanie Broadbelt submitted this photo and caption.

This is a photo of members and staff of the Black Watch winter guard from Mount Laurel, N.J. Everyone in the photo has also marched as a member of and/or taught at the Jersey Surf. Because of the strong connection between the two organizations, the current members are sometimes referred to as "The Surf Girls." I consider myself very lucky to spend time with a lot of the same people in both the winter and summer. If there's anyone I'd like to see every weekend for 10 months, it'd be them!

From left to right: Ray Okuda (staff), Matt Hurley (staff), Joyce Roos (staff), Toni Tunstall (staff), Sam Brooks ('00), Danielle Dilks ('04-'06, staff), Cynthia Wong ('06-'08, staff), Stacy Andrews ('06-present), Stephanie Broadbelt ('06-present), Katie Gallagher ('01-'02, staff), Kara Zacholski ('06-present), Annie Hrycyshyn ('02-'04), Kristy Beohmer('07-present), Hayley Charles ('04-'06), Stephanie Piatek ('00-'02).