Name, age, hometown: Selena Adams, 19, Jefferson, Ga. What corps are you in and what is your role this summer? This will be my third year on the Cadets mellophone line. Give us your full drum corps/marching music background. I was a member of my high school marching band in Jefferson, Ga., starting as a freshman and I'm still a member of the marching band at Furman University in Greenville, S.C. 2003 was my first summer with the Cadets.

Selena Adams
How did you decide to be a member of your corps? Actually a pretty interesting story here. My parents are band directors and know all about drum corps. When I said I wanted to march they said I had to wait until the summer after my first year of college. Ok, no biggie. So as a freshman at Furman, I was trying to decide where I wanted to go audition. I figured since I was already in South Carolina for school, Carolina Crown wouldn't be a bad idea. Then, I met these three fabulous guys who went to Furman and just happened to march Cadets the previous year. When they found out I was interested in corps, they offered to give me a ride up to a camp. I figured the Cadets have always had awesome mellophone lines, it would be fun just to go play with them for a weekend. We left after classes one fateful Friday afternoon and drove up to Jersey. I auditioned and made it, and the rest is history! What first attracted you to the drum corps activity? I happened upon some of my parents old finals tapes when I was in elementary school, I guess. I thought it was pretty cool. When I was little, I really wanted to be a Madison Scout, so I was sorta bummed to find out that it was all guys. In high school, I really enjoyed marching band and figured that drum corps would be even more fun. What advice would you give to young people who want to march? I think the biggest thing is just to go audition somewhere. I probably would have never gone to audition for the Cadets had it not been for my college friends offering me the opportunity. So many people ask for information and even fill out applications for membership but never actually show up to a camp. If you really want to march, just find a way to get there and see what happens! You never know how things will turn out. Do you have any favorite road anecdotes? Being on the road with any drum corps is always an amazing experience. You always remember those really awesome show days with the amazing crowds and some of those absolutely torturous rehearsal days -- you know, the ones in Texas when it's about 120 outside! I think one of my most memorable experiences with the Cadets was an indoor performance we did for an auditorium full of crazy high school kids in Westchester, Pa. When we finished and were pulling out into the road, there were kids running after our busses screaming "We love you!" like it was a rock concert. It was one of the most amazing nights of my life! The last good book I read: I'm in the process of reading Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" -- does that count? (p.s. -- they're great!) The last great film I saw: The Pianist. If you are any kind of musician, you would love this movie. Where I go to school and what I'm studying: I am a junior music education major at Furman University in Greenville, S.C. Jobs I have/have had: Marching band instructor for Jackson County Comprehensive High School (Jefferson, Ga); marching band instructor for Easley High School (Easley, S.C.); summer camp counselor at North Georgia Christian Camp; private instructor, French horn. Three CDs I'd want on a deserted island: I can't believe that I can only take 3! Maroon 5, "Songs About Jane"; The Cadets 1990-1999, "A Decade of Excellence"; The American Horn Quartet, "4 x 4." My favorite TV show: I don't really watch much TV. I guess I would have to say "Pimp My Ride" or something. Favorite performers: Dennis Brain (horn), Maroon 5, Ben Folds, Santa Clara Vanguard, Guster, Jump Little Children, old Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Stan Getz, and the Cadets. How do you "blow off steam?" I usually go running sometime in the middle of the day (got to get in shape for the summer) and that's always a good way to relax and stuff. Also, I have this habit of practicing in the music building really late at night. It's nice and quiet and I can sometimes even get in the recital hall where the acoustics are better than the practice rooms. What has been your formative drum corps moment? This is a two-part answer. he first answer would have to be when I went to finals 2001 with my dad. It was amazing to see the top corps up close and in person instead of on a video. That was a great year for drum corps, too. The second answer, finals 2003, when I realized that I had actually made it through the summer and been a contributing member of the Cadets. Such an amazing realization. Best drum corps show ever: Tie: Santa Clara Vanguard 2000 and Cadets 1987 (amazing). What are you most looking forward to about the summer? I love the music that we're playing, so I'm just excited about getting to work on it all summer! And, of course, I love spending time with all my Cadets friends and our amazing staff. Best thing about being in a drum corps: Getting to work really really hard with a bunch of your best friends and an amazing staff to field a top-quality product. There is just something so satisfying about that. It is so rewarding to see what you did at the end of the summer. Worst thing about being in a drum corps: Seeing as my tour job for both 2003 and 2004 was bus loading, I would definitely have to say loading the bus in the rain. With hurricane-level winds and ridiculous lightning. Soaking wet. Not my favorite. During tour, the best part of the day is: Taking showers! No, I'm serious! Shower time is a social event in drum corps. As a horn line girl, it gives me a chance to talk to all the girls in the guard, drum line, and pit and see how their days went. And, of course, if the showers are really good (like those in Giants Stadium, for example), there is nothing better than standing under a nice stream of warm water. During tour, the worst part of the day is: The first half hour or so of rehearsal right after lunch. At this point, your body undergoes "food coma" and all you really want to do is lay down and take a nap. Trying to push through that mid-day lull takes so much energy! Favorite drum corps personality and why: Brandt Crocker, the voice of DCI. The first time I heard him say "On the field ..." when I was actually on the field. Wow. That was an amazing moment. What I want to be when I "grow up": A high school band director. Describe what you think a typical DCI show will look in 2015. I think it will be pretty similar to what you'll see in 2005: Some corps with a more progressive approach, some that are still a little more traditional, some in B-flat, some in G, some with amps, some with none. But they're all still going to blow your faces off!