Closing out the year and looking ahead to the summer of 2014, this week Drum Corps International recaps highlights of 2013, today with some of the most watched videos on the DCI Fan Network YouTube channel.

1. Harlem Shake - Drum Corps Style

DCI jumped on board the most popular Internet meme of the winter of 2013 with "Harlem Shake – Drum Corps Style." To both the delight of many and dislike of others, this video became the first-ever YouTube video on DCI's Fan Network channel to surpass one million views.

2. DCI Horn Cam: 2013 Carolina Crown Victory Encore

Winning their very first World Class gold medal in history, Carolina Crown members had the opportunity to perform their 2013 production one last time for fans following the DCI World Championship Finals on Saturday, Aug. 10. Before the corps performed, the DCI Fan Network had the opportunity to strap a GoPro cam to a Carolina Crown baritone player who gave us this interesting perspective on "E=mc2."

3. 2004 Cavaliers Camera Calls

Included as an Easter Egg (hidden track) on the 2004 DCI World Championship DVD set, this video goes behind-the-scenes to hear how the video production crew directed the cameras during the Cavaliers' 2004 World Championship-winning performance in Denver.

4. DCI In the Lot: Carolina Crown Hornline

This video captured Carolina Crown's award-winning horn line as they warmed up for their performance at the 2013 Drums Along the Rockies event in Denver on July 7.

5. DCI In the Lot: Cavaliers 2013 Drum Line

Eager for an early-season glimpse of what drum corps were up to, fans turned to this video of the Cavaliers' drum line warming up in Akron, Ohio on June 22, 2013. Watch more drum corps videos on the DCI Fan Network YouTube channel.