Which performances of the 2018 DCI World Championship Finals were among your favorites? Refresh your memory with these sample clips! Then, order these performances as digital downloads from marchingmusicdownloads.com or on Blu-ray disc from store.dci.org.

12. Crossmen

The In-Between | 12TH PLACE – 86.750

Watch "The In-Between" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "The In-Between" via digital download.

11. Phantom Regiment

This New World | 11TH PLACE – 86.950

Watch "This New World" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "This New World" via digital download.

10. Mandarins

Life Rite After | 10TH PLACE – 88.150

Watch "Life Rite After" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "Life Rite After" via digital download.

9. Blue Knights

The Fall and Rise | 9TH PLACE – 88.925

Watch "The Fall and Rise" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "The Fall and Rise" via digital download.

8. Blue Stars

The Once and Future Carpenter | 8TH PLACE – 90.050

Watch "The Once and Future Carpenter" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "The Once and Future Carpenter" via digital download.

7. The Cadets

The Unity Project | 7TH PLACE – 92.225

Watch "The Unity Project" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "The Unity Project" via digital download.

6. The Cavaliers

On Madness and Creativity | 6TH PLACE – 93.213

Watch "On Madness and Creativity" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "On Madness and Creativity" via digital download.

5. Boston Crusaders

S.O.S. | 5TH PLACE – 94.313

Watch "S.O.S." on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "S.O.S." via digital download.

4. Carolina Crown

Beast | 4TH PLACE – 95.500

Watch "Beast" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "Beast" via digital download.

3. Bluecoats

Session 44 | 3RD PLACE – 96.950

Watch "Session 44" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "Session 44" via digital download.

2. Blue Devils

Dreams and Nighthawks | 2ND PLACE – 97.350

Watch "Dreams and Nighthawks" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "Dreams and Nighthawks" via digital download.

1. Santa Clara Vanguard

Babylon | 1ST PLACE – 98.625

Watch "Babylon" on Blu-ray disc.

Watch "Babylon" via digital download.