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Scores will be released immediately following the completion of sanctioned Drum Corps International Tour events, though technological limitations at some venues may cause a minimal delay in releasing score and recap information.

DCI Performers Showcase - Venue 3
August 9, 2017
Indianpolis, IN

Percussion - Timpani

1Kaleb Hascill (Troopers)85.000
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Percussion - Snare

1Bryce Gardner (Santa Clara Vanguard)96.500
2Ryan Ellis (Blue Devils)93.500
3Kiichi Kobayashi (Blue Devils B)91.750
4Andrew Busch (The Diplomats)91.000
5Zachary Wilson (Blue Stars)88.500
6Lewis Renegar (Shadow)88.000
7David Ware (Raiders)87.750
8Derrick Small (Shadow)87.000
9Arturo Barajas (Impulse)86.250
10Damian Masterson (Mandarins)85.500
11Sho Ozaki (Spirit of Atlanta)83.000
12Tanner Catalogna (Pioneer)78.500
13Nathan Abadilla (Impulse)78.000
14William Fisher (Impulse)77.500
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Percussion - Multi-Tenor

1Miles Kenobbie (Blue Devils)94.000
2Jake Murillo (Louisiana Stars )86.000
3Zach Desjarlais (Oregon Crusaders)82.500
4Elijah Jones (Blue Stars)82.000
5Joshua Chinchilla (Impulse)78.500
6Gloria Garner (Pioneer)76.500
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Percussion - Multi-Percussion

1Zach Hudson (Blue Devils)93.000
2Matt Pantanella (Spartans)91.000
3Braden Rigling (Blue Devils B)86.500
4Alexis Alonso (Blue Devils B)80.500
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Percussion - Keyboard

1Michael Kern (Blue Stars)93.000
2Masato Kobayashi (Blue Devils)91.500
3John Wayne Duke (Spirit of Atlanta)90.500
4Jacob Hord (Troopers)89.000
5Joshua Melnick (River City Rhythm)88.750
6Trenton VerKuilen (Blue Devils B)88.250
7Zachary Novack (Blue Stars)88.000
8Nicholas Soden (Blue Devils)87.750
9Dylan Haeffner (Blue Stars)86.750
10Connor McMillan (Spirit of Atlanta)86.250
11Sean Mitchell (Blue Devils B)85.500
12William Leguizamon (Gold)85.250
13Roger Wen (Pacific Crest)85.000
14Josh Koester (Mandarins)84.750
15Justin Page (Pacific Crest)84.000
16Madelynn Hotchkiss (River City Rhythm)82.250
17Robert Muz (Pacific Crest)81.000
18Emily Wolfersberger (The Battalion)80.750
19Luke Pacetti (Louisiana Stars)79.500
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