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Welcome to your source for the only scores officially certified by Drum Corps International.

Scores will be released immediately following the completion of sanctioned Drum Corps International Tour events, though technological limitations at some venues may cause a minimal delay in releasing score and recap information.

DCI Performers Showcase - Venue 1
August 8, 2018
Indianapolis, IN

Percussion - Percussion Ensemble

1Blue Devils Percussion Ensemble (Blue Devils)92.000
2Oregon Crusaders Marimba Duet (Oregon Crusaders)90.000
3Spartans Front Ensemble #1 (Spartans)88.500
4Legends Percussion Ensemble (Legends)87.000
5Blue Devils B Percussion Ensemble (Blue Devils B)81.000
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Percussion - Cymbal Ensemble

1Colts Cymbal Ensemble (Colts)81.000
2Legends Cymbal Ensemble (Legends)79.500
3Spirit Cymbal Quartet (Spirit of Atlanta)74.000
4The Crashcades (Seattle Cascades)73.000
5Raiders 2018 Beast Line (Raiders)71.500
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Percussion - Bass Drum Ensemble

1OC Bass Drum Ensemble (Oregon Crusaders)90.000
2Delta Bass (River City Rhythm)89.500
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Mixed - Mixed Ensemble

1Blue Devils Mixed Ensemble (Blue Devils)89.000
2Pacific Crest Jazz Ensemble (Pacific Crest)69.000
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Brass - Brass Ensemble

1Blue Devils Trombone Ensemble (Blue Devils)89.000
2Pacific Crest Low Brass Ensemble (Pacific Crest)87.000
3Spartans Brass #1 (Spartans)86.000
4Vanguard Brass (Santa Clara Vanguard)85.000
5Rocky Road (Spirit of Atlanta)83.000
6Music City Brass Ensemble (Music City)81.000
7River City Rhythm Brass Quintet (River City Rhythm)80.000
8Seattle Cascades Tuba Ensemble (Seattle Cascades)79.000
9Blue Devils B Brass Quintet (Blue Devils B)77.500
10Seattle Cascades Trumpet Ensemble (Seattle Cascades)72.000
11Spirit Euphonium Quartet (Spirit of Atlanta)69.000
12Seattle Cascades Brass Ensemble (Seattle Cascades)63.000
13Pioneer Brass Quintet (Pioneer)61.000
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