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Marc Sylvester - DCI Hall of Fame

Marc Sylvester

Inducted in 2001

Those who were fortunate enough to benefit under the tutelage of Marc Sylvester remember his love of performing and the challenges he gave the performers in fastmoving, innovative drill. Those who have been fortunate to see Marc Sylvester's shows remember the amazing speed and complexity of design he created on a football field.

Beginning his teaching career with the 27th Lancers, Marc started by helping George Zingali put the dots on the paper. Over the years Marc began to develop techniques and mechanics of making the "wild" ideas of Zingali a reality. Together they moved to the Cadets and continued their collaboration on outstanding drill. Designing and collaborating with Zingali, Marc learned the value of pushing the design concept to the edge and having faith in the performers to accomplish his vision.

Marc continues to influence visual design as a consultant of many drum corps, color guards, and high schools. And his passion for the activity has not diminished. You may still find him writing drill, cleaning forms, painting props, or designing flags. He understands the value of entertainment, and clearly understands how important it is to ensure the performers are recognized for their efforts.

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