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Pete Emmons - DCI Hall of Fame

Pete Emmons


Inducted in 1989

After marching for "America's corps," the Troopers, from 1957 to 1966, Peter Emmons continued his association with the drum corps activity. In fact, Emmons' involvement set the stage for a new generation of movement on the field.

As a drill writer, Emmons has done more to change the look of drum corps than anyone else. A renowned drill designer of the '60s and '70s, he broke with tradition to introduce the asymmetrical drill. Previously, the activity had quasimilitary drills. Emmons, however, broadened the scope of the drills and changed them to more of a choreographed style. That style, so revolutionary in the '70s when Santa Clara Vanguard pioneered it, evolved into what drum corps is today. The drum corps fan is hard-pressed to find a corps that doesn't incorporate an Emmons concept into at least part of their show.

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