At major DCI shows beginning his weekend, an additional percussion performance judge will evaluate corps. The additional judge will also evaluate corps at select Division II & III shows through the summer, and throughout World Championships in Denver. This percussion judge assures that the front ensemble plays an equal role with the battery in the overall percussion score, and assures that the front ensemble will get feedback on every judge tape. The additional percussion judge (percussion performance 2) will combine his scores with the existing percussion judge (percussion performance 1). As a result, a corps' music score subcaption will now be tabulated to the thousandth of a point (see graphic).

The additional percussion judge mandates that music scores be tabulated to hundredths of a point.
Judge administrator John Phillips said that the resolution was an important one. "This marks an important development in the educational process for DCI. It gives percussion students the opportunity to get more specific input and recognition of their achievement. It is the result of a lot of hard work on the part of instructors and the percussion community. The majority vote indicates that its time had come," Phillips said. DCI percussion judge Glenn Fuggett explained the rule in Denver at the DCI winter meetings this past January.