From a Blue Knights e-mail release: The Blue Knights enjoyed a successful recent camp, according to Pat Amman, percussion caption head. "The corps had a great camp! We continued to learn drill as well as work on the musical program. The next time we get together we'll be moved in for the summer. We have a great bunch of kids who are ready to take the Blue Knights to the next level!" Likewise, the Blue Knights horn line made strides. "The horn line was able to play and work through the entire show this weekend as well as put music and drill on the field on Sunday," according to Joni Viertel, brass caption head. "This camp proved to be our most productive to date, and the staff was pleased with how quickly the corps responded to information during their first outdoor ensemble rehearsal. We're all looking forward to Memorial Day weekend, when everyone comes together for the rest of the season." Color guard caption head Katy Eichelberger labeled the camp a successful one. "The camp was a huge success! The color guard looks great and is very excited for the upcoming summer! The kids did a great job putting all the work into the 25 pages of drill that the corps learned, and is achieving it very well. Big thanks to everyone involved in making this camp so successful -- Roger St. Vincent, Brian Sutton, Rob Billings, Lucas Derr, Michael Richman and Kait Cumsille."