From a Capital regiment press release: Capital Regiment's 2006 program will be titled called "Life Rhythms: Work, Rest and Play." According to a press release, "All human beings reveal rhythmical qualities in form, movement and growth patterns. We all move through life embraced by great rhythmical tides -- the cosmic pulling of the planets, nature's rhythms of day and night, the changing of the seasons, and the biological rhythms of breath and pulse. "Perfected by 3 million years of evolution, every one of us has an internal clock that regulates our daily lives. We depend on these cues to tell us when to eat, sleep, work, rest and play." The work section of the show, called, "Equus," is written by Eric Whitacre. The rest section of the show, called "Sleep," was also written by Eric Whitacre. The play section of the show, "Serra Pelada," was written by Philip Glass.