The DCI SUMMER MUSIC GAMES World Championships Week started on Monday with an exciting race for top honors in Division III. Raiders came out on top of the 26 corps in prelims competition, but were trailed closely by Blue Stars and Americanos. Raiders' score of 87.55 was due to caption-winning placements in Overall GE (winning both Visual GE and Music GE) and Overall Music (winning the Brass and Ensemble sub-captions.)Blue Stars' second place score of 87.25 was helped by the corps' winning of the Visual Ensemble sub-caption. Americanos scored 86.50 and won the Percussion Music sub-caption.The remaining corps to advance to Wednesday night's Division II/III finals are Marion Glory Cadets (4th place -83.75, winning Performance Visual and Color Guard sub-captions), East Coast Jazz (5th place-81.30), Les Senateurs (6th place-79.90), and Teal Sound (7th place-79.30).