Haili Sun, a 2006 member of the Oregon Crusaders, submitted this photo.

I was a rookie member this past year with the Oregon Crusaders as assistant drum major. After our World Championship Finals performance, we got to see the Division I Semifinals and Finals.

This photo is of the Blue Devils' drum major conducting all corps playing "America the Beautiful" after the Championship. As I sat on side two on the 45 yard-line, we were told that the winning drum major might have to use our spot to conduct the corps. As it turned out, he did! He was a cool person, and I got a picture with him too!

After the show, our corps director asked us who had the best seat for the Finals. Other people had pretty good seats, but I showed everyone these pictures, and they admitted defeat.

I had a great time this summer, and I hope I can continue to participate in this activity!