Now is the time to register your SoundSport® team, DrumLine Battle™ squad or aspiring Open Class drum corps to join the Drum Corps International family for the 2017 DCI Tour and DCI's 45th anniversary season.

Application deadlines for upstart or reemerging drum corps seeking to apply for participation as an Open Class ensemble are due to Drum Corps International’s Indianapolis headquarters by Tuesday, November 15.

Although SoundSport and DrumLine Battle teams schedule events throughout the calendar year and are not limited exclusively to the summer months, ensembles wishing to take part in events coinciding with the 2017 DCI Tour are encouraged to indicate their interest by applying prior to January 15, 2017.

“With the growing popularity of our SoundSport and DrumLine Battle programs in recent years and a resurgence of Open Class corps, these application processes allow us to identify and speak directly with directors and managers of new and current groups and provide them with developmental and marketing resources designed to help pave the way for their eventual participation in the DCI Tour at a level which best suits their needs and organizational missions,” said John DeNovi, Sr. Director of Business Development for Drum Corps International.

Once an initial application is received, a Drum Corps International staff member will schedule an initial informal call to learn more about the unique needs and desires of each group. The call also serves as an opportunity for a walk-through of the various performance and participation options, educational workshops and developmental activities available to ensembles during the annual DCI Tour and throughout the year.

“It’s an exciting time for Drum Corps International’s Open Class and for SoundSport and DrumLine Battle as we work to continue to help create low-cost opportunities for groups to get started and to participate as a part of the Drum Corps International family,” said Bob Jacobs, Drum Corps International’s Sr. Director of Marketing. “These groups then have the opportunity to use the SoundSport format as an ‘organizational incubator’ if they so choose, as they strengthen their operations both on and off the field with an eye toward eventual participation as a competing DCI corps.”

Whether you have a small ensemble of only a few performers, a drum line, or a full fledged marching music ensemble, call Drum Corps International's Eric Hjellming at 317.275.1226 or email to explore performance opportunities as part of the 2017 DCI Tour today!